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Forearm Fracture Recovery in Children Evaluation: A multi-centre prospective randomised equivalence trial of a soft bandage and immediate discharge versus current treatment with rigid immobilisation for torus fractures of the distal radius in children

The trial will be recruiting from a minimum of 10 centres treating children’s fractures across the UK. All children presenting at the trial centres with an acute torus fracture of the distal radius are potentially eligible to take part in the trial. We plan on recruiting a minimum of 696 patients, a minimum of 348 in the 4-7 year age group and a minimum of 348 in the 8-16 age group.

The aim of this trial is to evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of soft bandage immobilisation and immediate discharge, compared to rigid splint immobilisation. The primary outcome measure for this study is the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale.

Study start date 01/7/2018 and end date 30/06/2020.

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