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Doug Altman

BSc; DSc

OCTRU Co-Director

  • Professor of Statistics in Medicine

I graduated in statistics from the University of Bath and my first job was in the Department of Community Medicine at St Thomas's Hospital Medical School. I then spent 11 years working for the Medical Research Council's Clinical Research Centre where I worked almost entirely as a statistical consultant in a wide variety of medical areas. In 1988 I became head of the newly formed Medical Statistics Laboratory (now Medical Statistics Group) at ICRF (now Cancer Research UK). In 1998 I was made Professor of Statistics in Medicine by the University of Oxford.

In 1997 I received the Bradford Hill Medal for contributions to medical statistics and a DSc from the University of London. I am a co-convenor of the Bias and Prognosis Methods Groups and author of Practical Statistics for Medical Research (1991) and co-editor of Statistics with Confidence (1989 and 2000), Systematic Reviews (1995), and Systematic Reviews in Health Care (2001).

I am the senior statistics editor at the BMJ and co-editor in chief of the journal Trials.

My research interests are varied and include the use and abuse of statistics in medical research, studies of prognosis, regression modelling, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, randomised trials, and studies of medical measurement.

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